Kaossilator Pro Note to CC (F#0 to C7)

Set Kaossilator scale to ‘Chromatic’, note range to ‘Full’.
This patch ONLY works for instruments with a 7 octave range!!
(6 And 7 range instruments use different CC-values for their notes.)
(F#0 to C7 range because of max. blocks of 255 was used.)

CC92 = ‘0’ (Touch Off) / ‘127’ (Touch On)
CC12 = X-Position on touchpad
Note ‘C8’ = Looper A (Toggle)
Note ‘C#8’ = Looper B (Toggle)
Note ‘D8’ = Looper C (Toggle)
Note ‘D#8’ = Looper D (Toggle)

The filtering is necessary to prevent to much data is flooded to the Kaossilator; it cannot handle that and notes will delay. ‘Note Off’ is also filtered out to speed things up, you have to send a ‘Note Off’ manually.

In my case I use Polyend Tracker and send a ‘CC92 0’ when a series of notes are played.
Problem with the Tracker is that it keeps sending multiple CC’s at the same

time. Maybe on other gear the ‘Note Off’ can be send as a single command, then you can try skipping the ‘Note Off’ filtering.

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