JV2080 Patch Browser

This patch browser for the JV2080 provides patch browsing for all factory banks, and optionally XP banks and CARD bank.

It also supports an internal FAVOURITE bank inside Mozaic for quick access to favourite patches.

Finally, it responds to both Bank Select and Program Change messages from an external controller (i.e keyboard) so you can scroll through factory or favourite patches without touching the iOS device.

2 comments on “JV2080 Patch Browser
  • gravitas on said:

    This came in handy when firing up my JV1010 for the first time in years.

    Thank you very much.

  • belldu on said:

    Cool. I just took a look at the manual for the JV1010 and yeah, same bank select method, so I guess this will work across the JV1010, JV1080, JV2080 variants. The User bank on the JV1010 looks like it has different patch names, but at a glance the others are pretty similar or maybe the same to the JV2080. Enjoy!

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