Joc Velocity Massage

V0.4 responds to program change messages 0-15 so now you have 16 patterns to switch between. Look out for ‘Joc PC on the beat’ that gives 16 pads to trigger these in real time.

V0.3 updated to use vertical silders to show velocities at a glance. The vertical on the XY pad scales the velocities so that you can perform live fadein and out with velocities.

Stupidly forgot to send note offs. Fixed in 0.2

Uses the knobs to 0 to 7 to set the velocity of successive notes passing through Mozaic. Knob 8 sets the length of the cycle of notes so if set to 7 then knobs 0 to 7 will create a repeating pattern of 8 notes. If knob 8 were set to 2 then only the first three knobs would affect the velocities in a repeating cycle of 3 notes.

Changing the cycle length can radically affect the feel of note sequences passing through.

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 0.4
  • License: MIT License
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