Version 0.2
Added divider, bottom left knob to allow for much slower transitions.
Made lots of changes to make UI work more predictably.

Also blocks other CC messages now. So you can connect multiple instances of this script to process several CC streams from the same source and not have duplicate events passed through.

Sequences changes to an incoming stream of MIDI control change messages.

The first knob decides how often a new value is set by choosing between 1 to 9 PPQNs (pulses per quarter note).

The second knob chooses the CC to alter. It defaults to 13 to affect the first of Brambos’ LFOs from his Rozeta suite, which I highly recommend purchasing.

The majority of the rest of the knobs change the incoming CC and output their value instead at the point where that knob is active in the sequence. (An x is placed on the label of the active knob) If you set the knob to zero then the CC messages original value is passed through at that step.

And the very last knob is used to specify how many knobs are in the cycle between 1 and 16 so that you can work with a short repeat if you set it to a low number.

The purpose is to allow some fairly sophisticated, rhythmical CC sequences which can be used to control synth or effect parameters in your AU host.

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