Joc Euclidean Rhythm

Simple euclidean rhythm sequencer.

V0.9 rate wasn’t restored on reload. Fixed.

V0.8 responds to program change messages 0-15 so now you have 16 patterns to switch between. Look out for ‘Joc PC on the beat’ that gives 16 pads to trigger these in real time.

V0.5 big split in functionality from previous version. Taken out the pitch features into a separate Mozaic plugin, Joc Melody Maker. Taken this back to the simple rhythm selector. Ability to choose speed and rotate the rhythm pattern.

V0.3 epic update! Three screens, tap shift to switch between them. Pulse patterns. Note sequence. Settings.
This versions introduces varying notes. Fill and offset knobs to try different sequences of notes. Root and scale on settings screen.

V0.2 state saves the pattern of notes.

Very easy to use with 4 knobs.

PPQN – The speed of the sequence
MIDI – the midi note to trigger
NOTES – the number of notes to fit into the sequence
PULSES – the overall length of the sequence

The notes and pulses knobs used together generate each sequence. Only one note value is sent out so you can hook it up to one drum (use several instances for a whole drum sequence) or a note manipulator like Caility to generate melodies, basslines, etc..

5 comments on “Joc Euclidean Rhythm
  • -ki on said:

    I like the cool UI using the colored pads to indicate beats and pattern length. This makes it really easy to grasp and use 👍🏻

  • jocphone on said:

    Thanks -ki that feature worked about better than i expected it to.

  • Harro on said:

    Very nice update; thank you!

  • -ki on said:

    Nice update.

  • KurtK on said:

    Cannot see how it is possible to set the output note, which is a shame.

    What would be great, is if the script took a midi note input and used that as the root note.

    Can’t work out how to achieve that currently.

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