J Dillicious v2.1

Version 2.1
– Now includes Wow+flutter+vinyl noise in knob1 (based in a patch by Luther_22 )

Version 2.0

– Now supports stereo sounds!
– Improved vinyl sound
– Substituted reverb for a low-pass filter
– Sample speed

This patch is an adaptation of “Beats and Pieces”.

It has a basic selection of samples with J Dilla style (I downloaded them from a Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dj7JSA8ug in version 2.0 I edited some samples to have a bigger stereo image.

Knob1: Lo-fi % (wobble+flutter, vinyl noise)
Knob2: Sample release
Knob3: Sample pitch
Knob4: Low-pass filter
Aux: Midi looper

Hope you enjoy it!

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  • Category: Effect Sampler Sequencer
  • Revision: 2.1.1
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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  • Modified: 1 year ago
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11 comments on “J Dillicious v2.1
  • Alberto Romero on said:

    I just updated the link, please download again. Previous version wasn’t looping the vynil nor had the sequencer.

  • Cobra Cotton on said:

    This is so much fun. Thanks!

  • catacumbia on said:

    Hello JD.
    I am very new to this stuff, in fact this is teh first patch i try to see through. Can I replace the small samples (01.wav, 02.wav) ? I tried it, just erasing some from the match (straight in my MAC unzipped folder on the USB intended for the organelle). Mine were wav’s but thos replaced by me sound muted, nothing. Yours are still there. THANKS by all means for this job on the communal platforms.
    D El D

  • Alberto Romero on said:

    Hi Catacumbia, you’re right. You need to match name and f the files, also ensure all audios are 16 bit, and 48khz. I used Audacity to match the export characteristics. I hope this helps!

  • JMage on said:

    I think Alberto meant 44khz

  • LightHarphead on said:

    i Absolutely love this. Only thing needed is a dub feature. Dub and undue dub maybe. Wow. This would be really top 15 patches with this one tweak. Thank you so much

  • chkbeto on said:

    Hi LightHarphead, sounds very cool. What would a dub feature be? Like a delay? Thank you! Glad you like it :)

  • DoppelterHermann on said:

    Thanks for the patch update!! Its even more awesome now! I think what he ment with Dub feature is possibility to overdub and maybe redo/undo. I would also miss that sometimes :)

  • LightHarphead on said:

    Wow, Delay sounds like it would be incredible.

    But i was speaking more to the function of being able to overdub. Like i lay the kick and snare… then i can dub in hi hat, then i could dub in some of the samples. Like some of the other patches that allow this. I feel like if your patch had overdub, and remove last overdub functions, it would be an absolutely unstoppable patch!!!!! It’s beautiful as is. I was just jamming in the kitchen. love the new sample speed modulation!!!!! keep the heat coming!!! yayyyy

  • Okayokay on said:

    This is so fun!

    I’m assuming I can drop in my own samples?

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