iteration.2 patch compilation

a compilation of vcv rack patches for my album “iteration.2”

it contains patches made from around 2021, or patches that have been remixed from that time.

the zip file contains one patch that only works in Rack v1, with the rest tested and working in Rack v2. it also contains a sample directory which contains all the samples used in some patches and an extras folder that contains original patches before they were remixed.

samples used:::
240233__habbis92__piccadilly-circus-ambience.wav :: midnight haze.vcv
TR-808Cow.wav :: midnight haze.vcv
RX11Rimshot.wav :: d5._vertice.vcv

you will need to load the samples in manually for each sampler used in these patches.

although i try to make patches sound reasonably consistent through each play-through the patch won’t sound exactly the same as the recording due to random elements, or sequencers not lining up etc. you may need to mess with the reset and run controls for the main clock to line everything up properly.


preview video contains a recording of each patch with an accompanying visualization

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