Dreams and wormholes… or is that worms and dream holes…?

The third in my trio of patches inspired by Nolan films, and the simplest of the three. This one draws on “Inception” (2010) and “Interstellar” (2014), and plays with the ‘dream within a dream within a dream’, ‘nesting doll timelines’ concept.

1 looong delay buffer (96sec), one short delay buffer (4sec), and 1 really short delay (1sec). The 1sec delay is always on/receiving input, and can be frozen. The buffers can be both bypassed and/or frozen. You can choose to have any of the three paths played back individually, or randomly jump around at a clocked rates relative to the global tempo. Rhythmic variation of the random playback rate can be tweaked via the radio buttons pegged to a clock divider. Lastly, there’s also a “digital dirt”/filtered line that matches the random playback ratios to provide some rhythmic momentum & additional timbral variation… if desired.

Controls follow.

Have fun!!


Left stomp = freezes the 4sec buffer. ORANGE indicators ON.
Mid stomp = freezes the 96sec buffer. RED indicators ON.
Right stomp = engages/bypasses input to the buffers. BLUE indicators ON. *NOTE: input signal goes to the 1sec delay line regardless of the buffer engage/bypass switch**

Top Row:
– BLUE bypass indicators, PEACH delay freeze indicators, ORANGE buffer freeze indicators, RED buffer freeze indicators

Row 2, left to right
– Column 1: 1sec delay time control
– Column 2: delay feedback
– Columns 3-5: toggle for each of the 3 audio paths
– Column 6: randomization of the delay/buffers playback
– Columns 7/8: dry/wet mix and delay/buffer mix

Row 3, left to right
– Column 1: delay freeze
– Column 2: rhythm & random playback tempo
– Columns 3-5: delay/buffer playback indicators
– Column 6: clock divider reset
– Columns 7/8: rhythm on/off toggle and level control

Rows 4-5
– Rhythmic variation for both a) the randomization of the 3 audio paths when the “random playback toggle” is engaged and b) the filtered/dirt rhythm track

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