Instruo \ Befaco fixed rack

The patches from the video

4 comments on “Instruo \ Befaco fixed rack
  • supernovae on said:

    Any ETA for this working on VCV2? Looks like the Befaco Plethora isn’t part of the modules yet and is pending a PR approval to get into module set 2.1.0 – is there a beta module someone has available?

  • dano204 on said:

    What kind of file format is “Befaco-2.1.0-mac.vcvplugin”
    it’s not an EXE file.
    I placed it into the plugins folder but it is not recognized and can’t be accessed.
    am I missing something there?

  • Adreqi on said:

    Noise Plethora is now available from the official library :)

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