Install-LADPSA: Corrupt FIx!!

***there might have been a corruption with the last upload so this is a just in case upload. If LADSPA is working for you No need to install this.

This installs the framework for LADPSA plugins

This enables Organelle users to create patches with “plugin” that will let you load from over 100 different plugins available

Many Are ported to Organelle, many more will be ported
You may be here because you need this to run the Synth Emulations i made that use the REVERB LADSPA or the Hammond Organ Clone

HAve Fun!!


THIS DOES NOT MAKE SOUND you install it in Patches, click it once, reboot and THEN you can run LADSPA PATCHES

Probably the largest range of plugins is available from Steve Harris at
Blop, by Mike Rawes, provides a set of oscillator plugins and more.
The CAPS Audio Plugin Suite by Tim Goetze provides a number of plugins, including a range of guitar amp emulations.
The Computer Music Toolkit (CMT) contains plugins by David Bartold, Richard Furse, Jezar and Nathaniel Virgo.
Fons Adriaensen provides a wide range of plugins includings filters, phase vocoded compression/expansion, reverb and ambisonics.
Dr. Matthias Nagorni has provided a set of EQ biquad filters.
TAP Plugins are by Tom Szilagyi.
Settel’s Vocoder program has been ported to LADSPA by Josh Green.
VLevel is a dynamic compressor with look-ahead by Tom Felker.

7 comments on “Install-LADPSA: Corrupt FIx!!
  • Ben Norland on said:

    Hoe long should this take to install? Seems to have been stuck on the message “Installing…” for a LONG time now.

  • shreeswifty on said:

    it should take a minute
    i will make sure it;s not a corrupted upload

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Ben it won;t hurt your machine but it could be corrupted so i am going to upload a new one.


  • Ben Norland on said:

    Cheers. I have tried one thing and I fear that the problem may have been running from a subfolder rather than the Patches folder. Could that be it?

  • Ben Norland on said:

    Seems to install fine now.

    None of the reverbs on the LADSPA synths (fairlight, Arp etc) seem to work though. Anything I should check?

  • Ben Norland on said:


    I. Am. Very. Stupid.

    Just clocked the on/off switch under the AUX button

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Try to explore a bit or consult the forum too often these are explained more fully there

    happy holidays

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