Polyphonic MIDI Looper that plays back a recorded sequence, playing the next event either once every interval, or once every time it receives a new MIDI note. Optionally transpose the loop on the fly by pressing a MIDI key while playing back (if Transpose is enabled).

Hit record (pad 1), Enter a series of notes/chords, set the timing count, divisor, and gate time. Hit record again.

While recording, tap “Erase” to remove the last event. Tap “Rest” to insert a rest in the sequence.

When Latch is enabled, Infinity will play your sequence, looping forever. With Latch disabled, play a note on the keyboard to trigger the next event in the sequencer.

When transpose is enabled, during playback, The note you play on the keyboard will transpose the sequencer event up or down (centred around note 48, C2).

When “Send Thru” is enabled, incoming MIDI is also sent to the output.

Coming soon:
– don’t predetermine note length when triggering manually
– store up to 8 sequences in the bottom row of pads

Inspired by the OP-1 Endless sequencer.

3 comments on “Infinity
  • Pejman on said:

    Thanks for this patch .
    Can you show us how we can use it?
    It quantizes my notes or chords, can it play with non quantize mode ?

  • carnbyte on said:

    Great script!
    It seems when I reload a session in AUM then the time division is not saved.
    Not a big issue but hopefully that’s possible some day :)

  • Skip_Hunt on said:

    Great! Thank you 🙏

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