In-Order ARP v1.0

Plays beat-synced in-order arpeggios with variable gate-length and humanization and some other features.

Instructions / Tutorial:

* Various beat divisions inclusing triplets and dotted
* Variable gate length
* Velocity humanization

* Optional free running sync to allow ARPing without the host playing
* Seamless transition between host-sync and free running arp on host stop
* If the host is in rewind state, it is possible to in-sync start the host
* Adapts to host BPM every bar, even if host is not running

* The first note of the ARP is allways played directly with its original velocity to allow monophonic melody play
* ARP can be paused and will start with first note on continue
* Double time arped note repetition using the SHIFT button

To automate send CCs/Notes to the pads AU parameter (divisions) to knob 0 (gate length) and knob 1 (humanization). The user 0 AU parameter allows pad selection using a single parameter. The user 1 AU parameter triggers note repetition.

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4 comments on “In-Order ARP v1.0
  • Acoustiman on said:

    Again a great script for Mosaic! Well done👍

  • Tones4Christ on said:

    Mega awesome! Thanks so much for your great work!

  • midicode on said:

    This is super awesome. Wish there was a hold or latch button though.

  • meekeesheed on said:

    great script! is there a latch option for the arp! too?

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