I little Sequence that took me about 2 hours, yes still learning. As the title says “I Like It” it has a good drum Sequence, a tune which started as a steel Guitar idea, but i like it as it was so left it there.
The template was a upload Named “Eurikon_MMM_starter-template-VCVv1”
For this patch i removed modules that were not used as my pc was struggling with lag…. enjoy.
remarks i need to have feed back as i have not got other Rack heads to talk too around me.

89 PM
  • State: Work In Progress
  • Platform:
  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: Version 1
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
  • Views: 92
  • Modified: 1 week ago
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2 comments on “Ilikeit.vcv
  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    Very nice, a good riddim to it and the ‘steelness’ of it makes it stand out in a mix!
    Not much conversations on here, probably better to go to VCV Community, people talk on there!

  • Cybiko on said:

    Thanks I will pop on over there right now

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