IK iRig Keys IO 25

This is a route only device script for the IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 25.

This is to use the hardware device automagically with whatever Piano Roll 2 clip is open (UI visible) or armed, with no routing needed in your host software.

This allows you to record notes in to Piano Roll 2 and preview any MIDI software or output that Piano Roll 2 is connected to.

Route only device scripts have no special features, just MIDI input.

To install, drag and drop the .js file onto an open (In focus) Atom clip.

One comments on “IK iRig Keys IO 25
  • Christian Thaler on said:

    This is genius!
    To adapt to other controllers , do you just have to exchange the correct name in
    const INPUTS = [“iRig PADS”];
    const OUTPUTS = [“iRig PADS”];

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