I Prefer Your Old Stuff (A Reverb Nostalgic for Your Past Notes)

Truth be told, I haven’t touched my ZOIA in a bit, so all this info might be a little wrong. Once my ZOIA comes back from repair, I’ll make adjustments.

“I Prefer Your Old Stuff” is a patch that’s like if you were playing Frippertronics into an amp in a cave, and there was a mischievous little sprite who made the tape head start from random places instead of a straightforward delay loop.

What actually happens:

Your input goes through a series of delay lines, with a dry out and an out of each delay line. These get thrown into an in switch which gradually randomizes which input it switches to. That goes into a reverb. That’s blended with your dry signal at the output.

So basically, anything that you played in the last 20 seconds (or are currently playing) could be what is sent into the reverb.

Controls include:

Left value on top is delay/reverb blend. 0 is all delay, a la random Frippertronics machine, to 100, where it’s all caked in reverb.

Middle value is reverb decay.

Right value is overall blend between dry and Frippertronics/reverb signal.

Right footswitch bypasses the effect, but also resets it, so that when you engage the effect, you always have signal going into the reverb, rather than potentially selecting up to 20 seconds of silence.

Middle footswitch momentarily modulates delay time for a blippy hiccup on the trails.

Hold the left footswitch to ramp up the speed of the randomization that a past moment plays back. Pretty useless when you are drowning in reverb, but with dry delay, it gets interesting.

OH! And I wanted to mention that the patch is stereo throughout. NOTE that I opted for two separate reverb lite modules for the reverb so that you retained isolated channels. If you’d prefer a more unified, smeary mess, the bottom of the last page has the reverb modules. Delete one and make the other 2in>2out and re-route to achieve a more natural stereo experience.

That’s all I remember off the top of my head.

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