Hypno Sequence

HYPNO SEQUENCE – Custom Round-Robin note sequencer
Script idea by Audiobus forum member @hypnopad. 👏😎👍🏼

QUICK START: Set a sequence length, then tap a pad and set note, gate, and velocity for each step. Velocity zero is a rest (no note will be sent for that step), all the way clockwise uses incoming velocity. Send notes to the script. Each note will trigger one step and advance to the next. When the last note has played the sequence will start over. Tap SHIFT for advanced controls (see below). Long-Press SHIFT for this help screen.

ADVANCED: Expanded Controls Page – accessed by tapping SHIFT
▫️ CHANNEL OUT: You can choose to have steps output on the channel that triggers them (Ch. In>Out), or choose a fixed channel.
▫️ 🖊 STEP: You can choose which step to edit with this knob rather than tapping on the pads. This is handy for working from this page or for selecting steps from a midi controller mapped to the AU parameter for this knob.
• 🎶 PLAY: Incoming notes play the current step and advance the playhead to the next step.
• 🎶 EDIT: Incoming notes change the currently selected pad.
• 🎶 AUTO: Incoming notes change the currently selected pad and change selection to the next pad.
▫️ RESET TIMER ⏳: This sets an inactivity timer. After a note is played the timer starts counting down. If it reaches zero the playhead is reset automatically. If a new note is received the timer is reset.
▫️ RESET NOW: Turn this knob past 12:00, or double-tap it to reset the playhead of the sequnce to the beginning. You can also Reset Now by long-pressing any pad, or by sending a configurable note. (See SETTINGS below.)
▫️ DIRECTION: The default sequence direction is forward. You can also set HOLD (sequence does not advance past the current note), REVERSE, UPDOWN, or RANDOM.

Each instance can save up to 16 sequences for instant recall.
▫️ PRESET: selects the preset number to save or recall, but doesn’t load the preset.
▫️ SAVE: Turn the knob past 12:00 or double-tap it to save the current sequence to the selected preset number.
▫️ RECALL: Turn the knob past 12:00 or double-tap it. The current sequence will be replaced by the sequence saved in the selected preset number.
▫️ RECALL BY NOTE: Presets can be instantly recalled by playing notes on a special Control Channel. (See SETTINGS.)

▫️ SETTINGS LOCK: When 🔒Locked the global settings knobs won’t change anything. To make changes turn this to Unlocked.
▫️ : All notes in this range on any channel except CTL CHANNEL will advance the sequence.
▫️ CTRL CHANNEL: Select a channel to receive control notes. This channel will NOT be used for advancing the sequence. Any note on any other channel WILL advance the sequence. You can disable control notes by setting this to OFF.
▫️ RESET NOTE: Select a note that will RESET the sequence if received on the Control Channel.
▫️ PRESET RECALL NOTES: [NOTE:NOTE] This is a range of 16 notes to be used to instantly RECALL a saved sequence. NOTE: Reset Note and Recall Note Range can’t overlap. The script will relocate the Reset Note if it needs to. Keep an eye on both settings to be sure they don’t rearrange unexpectedly as you set them.
▫️ THRU: When set to OFF, no MIDI passes through the plugin. The only output is the sequenced notes. If set to ON, MIDI messages other than notes pass through the plugin. (Notes never pass through.)

Many things can be pretty safely customized in the script without scripting knowledge. There’s a @UserTweaks section at the top. You can change things like the order of the knobs, most of the defaults, and even the pad colors just by changing the part after the “=” sign for the parameters.

The most important setting is the assignments for the first four knobs, which show on the pads view. Knobs numbered 0-3 show on this page. You have to press SHIFT to see the rest, then you can’t see the pads any more until you press SHIFT again. But there are a lot of other useful defaults you can set to save knob tweaking on new script loads.

Just be sure you don’t have the same number for any two pads, don’t assign any numbers over 21 to the knobs, and DON’T DELETE ANY SETTINGS. 😎

5 comments on “Hypno Sequence
  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.11 adds range controls for the notes that trigger the sequence. Also, you can now long-press SHIFT to get to the help screen.

  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.20 adds a knob to select sequence direction:
    ▫️ DIRECTION: The default sequence direction is forward. You can also set HOLD (sequence does not advance past the next note), REVERSE, UPDOWN, or RANDOM.
    (Idea by Audiobus forum member: @Synthi 👍🏼)

    This is the final feature update. I’ll fix bugs if found but will leave it to others to modify if further features are wanted.

  • wim-number37 on said:


    I lied. The way “Hold” was working bugged me. I changed it so that Hold stops the sequence on the last note played, not the next note as it was previously.

  • wim-number37 on said:


    Fixed Gate knob not updating properly when selecting pads.

  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.30
    – Added AUTO edit mode to automatically advance to the next step. (See help)
    – Added knob and option to use incoming note velocity in EDIT and AUTO modes.
    – Incoming notes now play in EDIT and AUTO modes. (Can be changed in User Tweaks)
    – PLAY mode defaults to velocity pass through. (Can be changed in User Tweaks)

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