Huallon Storm

This patch is based on the video YouTuber Rob Scallon did with Andrew Huang on creating a modular system with lots of noise for him to relax and go to sleep.
The video on my channel explains how I kinda achieved it within ZOIA, even though it’s in spanish, I would encourage you to download and disect it if you wanna understand ir better. Everything, I think, has been properly named.

Patch is really, really simple. What I would say is the biggest take out, is the use of randomness using the entry in the tips & tricks document. So go check it out.
Marked it ‘Work in Progress’ in case someone has a better way of making thunder sounds for the patch.

I’ve also decided to launch a newsletter called ‘Creative Journeys’ where I’ll be sharing lots of info for like-minded people, and it’s a way to support my work:

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  • Revision: 0.1
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