How to Use Nodes: Microphone Node: Custom Effect Tutorial – The 11th Dimension Delay

The 11th Dimension Delay was created to liven up repetitive drum parts. The filters are pre-delay. The outputs on the front panel are Sine and Triangle LFOs for modulating panel controls. Modulating the Shape and Resonance controls sound the best, but you can modulate any knob except for the Hz knob (the LFO will stop). You can however, duplicate the module and cross-modulate the Hz knob from one module to another.

There is also a node-by-node tutorial inside. It is a part of a tutorial on how to make a custom effect for Audiobus/AUM/DAWs. To load this patch as an effect in Audiobus or AUM, make sure Audulus is in the effect position after a drum machine or other instrument.

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