How to humanize patches in VCV Rack

These are the VCV patch files from this video.

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One comments on “How to humanize patches in VCV Rack
  • mr_widget on said:

    Apropos of nothing at all:

    I have been taking a good hard look at your My Case Rack Data Sheet, and find it to be quite the bucket-list catalog of desirable eurorack modules. All 46 modules, plus the case and power supply that can support them comes up to a total of $12,666.72. Now my wife is a saintly and caring person, but I don’t think I am likely to find all that under the Christmas tree in this lifetime.

    But I do have vcv-rack and have gotten some use out of it to date, but I wonder if you have pondered if you could create a good replica of the eurorack configuration, but using only vcv-rack modules. It makes for quite the puzzle.

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