Highly Negative Reaction

Insert Mode Program – Series Routing – Dry through (unconnected) Insert 1 in Parallel. Programmed for stereo use. Nasty, messy, fuzzy, buzzy distortion, to accentuate through-zero flanging. Plenty of harmonics for it to chew on.

This Program places Sculpt – in Split Mode – using mostly High Band Mix and High Drive to push the right channel. The Thru-0 mode of Flanger splits Positive flanging out the left channel, and Negative flanging out the right channel.

* The [P] HotKnob [CW] sets the overall Dry / Wet MIX [default = 75].
* The [A] HotKnob [+/-] sets Sculpt’s Post Filter to cut or boost [default = 50].
* The [B] HotKnob [CCW] brings in secondary Modulation on the Flanger, at 4X rates [default = 100].

EXP1 sweeps LFO speed from extremely slow to very moderate rates, plus Manual modulation, while dropping the Delay Offset.

Other switching options include clean, undistorted through-zero flanging, mellower negative flanging, intensely resonant Jet flanging (under foot control), and ultra-slow to dead-stop LFOs.

See the Program Notes for complete information on the PERFORM Switch mappings.

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    For your own use. Do the right thing. Spread the negativity.
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