Harvest (A Produce Visualizer)

Ever since seeing DckVrbBass, I’ve wanted to do silly pixel art for my UI. Fruit and vegetables were the easiest thing I could think of.

I ended up paying half-attention during most of my work meetings during the week to put this together without thinking too hard.

Anyways, it just passes your stereo signal, but it looks cool.

Every time you cross a threshold (hit your strings, excite the input, or hit the left footswitch), a different fruit or vegetable appears.

Head over to page 1 (or check the starred settings), and in the lower right hand is a comparator. The middle block is the negative output. If you are triggering it multiple times with one hit, bring this control up. If you aren’t triggering it, bring this control down.

You can also play with the envelope follower’s fall time (second row of page 1, third block) to set a sort of “distance” between your triggers. This may also help your multiple-triggering problems.

Just play with those two controls, and you should be set.

For the nerds:

Page 0 is the UI, which is all UI buttons. Thanks to CHMJ for saving me a couple of minutes on this.

Page 1 is IO and controls. First row is audio in/out and left switch, second row is envelope follower, fourth has the comparator, and fifth is the random module. You can input whatever into that random module to trigger the change.

Page 2 is wayyyyy too many 10-input in switches all stacked on top of each other. All of them are named after the button they lie on the UI page. I skipped some (like [A] and [B]) just because they didn’t show up in my graphics.

Page 3 is an assortment of value modules corresponding to the color of each input of the in switches. It just made programming easier.

Anyways, eat your fruits and veggies irl too.

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