Eighteen H90 Leslies and Cathedral/Tonewheel Organs (Revised 2-15-24)

This list of 18 H90 organ and Leslie programs (stereo insert mode) is based on my prior cathedral and tonewheel organ list. The organs were made with PolySynth. The Leslies were made from TriceraChorus, Rotary, EQCompressor, and SpaceTime. While some of the Leslies are paired with organs, others stand alone and can be used with any instrument.

The cathedral reverbs are quite similar but are all provided for convenience of possible future expansion. For example, one may want to create a future program that includes one cathedral organ sound and one jazz organ sound. The SP2016 reverb might be the best choice for that, whereas the Hall reverb might have the edge for cathedral organs alone.

Note that these programs were created using the middle and bass toggle positions of a Les Paul. That does make some tonal difference so try all pickups and stick with your fav.

These programs use the hotswitches, an expression pedal, and aux switches #4, #5, and #6. Aux #4 is always a 5dB boost. Aux #5 and Aux #6 could be anything, but are always described in the developer notes. My expression pedal is globally linked to P Hotknob. So the P Hotknob functionality is intended to be expression pedal functionality and here they control fast/slow rotary speaker.

The H90 will drive headphones with a guitar alone if you turn the P Out Gain Hotknob to +12dB. So I always set that as the first/left-most hotknob where it is always within reach.

I’ve learned from and incorporated material from innumerable gearheads to build/compile this list. Grateful attribution is provided where possible.

Many thanks to the geniuses at Eventide. The H90 is an absurdly rich resource and powerful tool.

5 comments on “Eighteen H90 Leslies and Cathedral/Tonewheel Organs (Revised 2-15-24)
  • brock on said:

    You really nailed the organ vibe & feel on these, Tony. Kudos on the unique approach.

  • apalazzolo on said:

    Thanks Brock. That’s a real compliment considering the source. And, thanks for the help with TriceraChorus.

    I literally tried EVERYTHING so I was bound to get it right at some point. :o)

  • rck on said:

    Fantastic work! I like them all.

    That was pretty nifty to program varying Resonance levels for the Hot Switches.

  • apalazzolo on said:

    Thanks! There are about a billion different organ sounds in there so I had to do something to highlight a few and yet make others available too.

  • brent_baccetti on said:

    These are so cool sounding. Thank you apalazzolo for making and sharing these sounds with the community.

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