GroundControl + 4 Satellites

This AUM project loads up 5 Mozaic instances:

A Ground Control App that controls 4 Satellites Sequencing Apps

Each Satellite has 4 pads that can store step sequences from the AUM keyboard.

After the satellites are loaded the Ground Control app is used to change alter the Program Changes on 4 associated KQ Sampei synth loaded with General MIDI Soundfonts.

Ground Control has Knobs for
Transpose interval +/- 12 steps
4 Program Change Knobs
4 PPQN knobs
4 Volume Knobs
4 Note Length knobs
A “Holes” knob that drops notes out of the sequences
And a Chord Sequences knob of patterned transpositions

Any app target can be used but one that accepts “Program Changes” is ideal (iSymphonic for example).

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