Groovy Thing

Synths, sampler, drum machine, looper, fx & sequencers. Added Dots and Squares.

Aux > Key changes pages. Rather than using encoder.

Only works on Organelle M & S as multi-processors used.

Instructions for use and more info in the pdf in the zip.

Version 1 video:

New sequencers shown in this video:

17 comments on “Groovy Thing
  • danny_mondo on said:

    Great patch , well done. ⚒️⚒️⚒️🎶

  • mchest on said:


  • jxtajxta on said:

    Hermoso! Cual es la limitacion para correr en la Organelle 1? Podria intentar hacer un port sacandole eso? Quizas te lo robe para hacer una version que solo tenga MIDI y efectos MIDI :3

    Beautiful! What is the limitation to run on the Organelle 1? Could I try to make a port removing that? Maybe I’ll steal it from you to make a version that only has MIDI and MIDI effects :3

  • donnerbono on said:

    Organelle M & S have a quad core processor. So it’s kind of running 3 Organelle 1s to keep up with this patch. The DX7 bit is the greediest, that definitely needs its own core.

  • 3deye on said:

    awesome! thanks for this

  • pattern_forest on said:

    Is there a way to clear all your selections in Drum 128 and Dots?

  • donnerbono on said:

    At the moment restart patch. Will add though as good idea.

  • mchest on said:

    Heyya loving this great work! Only thing I’m noticing is in Septavox mode if you are holding notes down & turn the transpose knob the notes hold indefinitely & there doesn’t seem to be anyway back other then restart patch? I don;t have anything plugged into the ‘pedal’ switch. It’s actually quite handy for droney stuff but wld be cool to have the option. thanks :)

  • donnerbono on said:

    Thanks for feedback! Transpose now kills notes first. Key B in the guide (high Bb on a keyboard) now clears all selections in Drum128 and Dots. I’m sure I had some issues earlier but couldn’t replicate so let me know if you find them!

  • mchest on said:

    Great stuff cheers :)

  • wildebeast1 on said:

    groovy thing wont install on my orgonalle m
    any help would be appreciated

  • donnerbono on said:

    What happens on selecting patch?

  • wildebeast1 on said:

    when i open patch on my orgenelle is says no patches
    but when i open the patch on my computer
    it shows all of the contents of the patch
    i have tried to reload patch on my orgenelle 4 or 5 time
    and it always say no patches
    its very strange

  • donnerbono on said:

    Is groovy thing in same parent folder as other working patches e.g. synths? I’ll double check the download later but if that failed you’d get a blank screen I think.

  • donnerbono on said:

    All good with the patch for me. Maybe try downloading and copying onto organelle again.

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