Gritty Sound Generator

A 3 voice (sine, square, sine) sound generator with a basic 4 step sequencer and keyboard.
(The sequencer can be activated by a button.)
Each voice features a ring modulator, lo pass filter and lfo. There is the possibility to mix in reverb (dry/wet).
This patch is labelled as a work in progress because it keeps evolving as I learn Pure Data, I learn to fix or simplify certain elements… The main idea behind it all was to make a noisy drone synth and it is sort of at a stage where it starts to resemble somewhat that, however there are plenty more features I would like to add to it such as cross modulations, delay, filters, distortions…
At the moment it is fun to use as a noisy trio of oscillators, the way I tune the sound is mainly via the ring modulators, this is also what the sequencer is modifying. So I use the lo pass filters on each voice as independent volume controls and the ring-mod for pitch / frequency. THERE ARE OCCASIONALLY POPS AND CLICKS!

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  • will-blackhurst on said:

    you need to include the “variable lfo” object file or abstraction – its missing from the download

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    • Revision: 0.1
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