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Organelle, may I introduce you to Launchpad. :)

Exploring how I can best use the Launchpad I have adapted the Grid Studies tutorial for the monome ( for use with the Launchpad controller and running it on the Organelle. The synth engine is the Basic Poly patch by C&G through the bob~ filter with a touch of reverb.

Usage is straightforward. Button 7 starts and button 8 stops the sequencer. Rows 1 to 6 is a step sequencer (playing fixed notes), row 7 shows what steps are being triggered and row 8 shows the playhead. Press two pads on row 8 to set up a loop length between 1 and 8.

All very standard to monome users but incredibly exciting for me!

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  • Therry Tennant on said:

    I like it a lot. Would love to see an orac version of it as a sequencer

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