GridPut Matrix Delay – Smear

16 delays have their inputs connected to “windows” which only allow signal to pass when certain X and Y values are met using a pair of a graphic shapers.

Delays are stored in 4 layers (Y1-Y4) and then in 4 sub layers (X1-X4). This mirrors the 16 boxes on the XY pad. When LFO/pad is turned all the way to the right, the XY pad controls which delay is fed input. When LFO/pad is all the way to the right, the X and Y LFOs control which delay is fed input. Set to the middle, you can use both by turning down 1 or both of the LFO amounts to scan only parts of XY grid values.

Each Y layer features a mixer for each X delay, and there is a final mixer for the 4 Y layers. There are controls preceding the Delay layers which can control global feedback, and each X columns volume, input, and feedback. Within each Y layer there are controls for that row.

This preset cuts and smears your input across all 16 delays with the LFO. Adjust the LFO speed and delay times.

P-lock, add effects, extra modulations, etc. works equally well as a looper at low tempos and time sync as it does for off beat polyrhythms and near granular delays.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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