Greyed Rainbow : stereo delay and diffuser with ramping

This is basically two delay lines and two diffusers in series.

What sets it apart is a pretty dang powerful LFO section with ramping over many parameters.

On the diffuser side, you get
Delay time
Cross-feedback (L>R + R>L)
L/R offset (makes the delay time on the L channel longer)
Mod ON/OFF pushbutton

For the delay you get
Stereo offset (makes the right delay line longer)
Mod ON/OFF pushbutton
The delay is tap controlled. You could change this, but I like it.

The LFO has a set of control and it’s separate page. It has:
Mod depth
Mod offset (delays the CV input on the right delay line’s modulation)

Ramping the mod rate and swing makes for some very interesting evolving waveforms. I out some pixels to visualize it.
The ramping LFO can be either a square or a sine, the switch is on the bottom of P4, linked to the right footswitch

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  • BROCKSTAR on said:

    Loving the preview of this one! I’ll have fun with it, thank you!

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