Grain Looper

Expansion of a previous patch called “Panning Looper”, this time with a parallel granular section. Audio goes through both a looper and a granular module before hitting a reverb and outputs.

Starred controls:
1) Dry mix. Sets VCA level for dry I/O (straight to output, no processing).

Stomp controls:
L – Looper record (hold while recording input, release to stop). Both loopers are 8 seconds max, L1 at 100% reverse, L2 at 50% forward. Top-right pushbutton toggles L1 to forward/reverse. Bright white LED = reverse.

M – Freeze granular modules at current input. Bright white LED at “0” = frozen grains.

R – Toggle between granular pitch output. Bottom-left LED toggles between dim = 0, white = +1/-1, and magenta = +/- fifth.

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