Looper: Glitchy Micro Sampler w/Reverse option

Signal Chain:
Loop (2s, continued playback, reverse, speed, and start point)
Ghost Reverb

Onset detector from input to loop record
Second onset detector to loop playback
Envelope follower to loop length (for the glitchy fluctuations)
Note: No stomp switches trigger recording, just responds to your pick dynamics.

Basically, this samples snippets of your playing. I have both onsets at high connection strength to make it super responsive and so that the loops don’t get stuck playing in the background for too long.

Adjust the minimum looper length for your minimum “grain” size you want out of your micro samples. Turn on reverse or throw on another envelope cv and map it to reverse or pitch for additional control. You can adjust the max looper size in the looper menu as well as determine whether the loops play once or play during recording. The play once/not play while recording gives you less amounts of glitch, while the continuous looping and play while recording really adds more action.

Great for chords, fingerpicking, complex rhythms

Credit to Mitchelldream’s zzzglitch patch for helping me figure out how to use an onset detector. I tried an envelope follower to control record and playback, and did not get much success.

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7 comments on “Looper: Glitchy Micro Sampler w/Reverse option
  • shikawkee on said:

    Are stomp switches involved in activating anything here? Thanks.

  • mjamesmh on said:

    Hey! No stomp switches at all. It’s just records based on your playing.

  • shikawkee on said:

    Ah! Nice. How do you engage the reverse? Or is it automatically built in? Thanks!

  • mjamesmh on said:

    You have to first add reverse when selecting the looper module (or tap the loop module to select, then press shift and then the edit key which is to the left of trash, and scroll down and enable reverse). At that point, you’ll have to engage reverse by pressing one of the pads on the front of the pedal.

  • mjamesmh on said:

    I already have reverse available on the patch, so you just have to press the button which is second to last on the second line.

  • shikawkee on said:

    Ah, cool. Thanks. I can probably assign it to a switch. Well done.

  • mjamesmh on said:

    Totally! And thank you!

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