Looper: Glitch Groove (w/octave up)

Signal chain:
Ghost Reverb (might need to replace with Reverb lite or get rid of it due to reaching max processing)

Input to two separate Onset detectors to two separate CV Triggers separately to record and play.
Input to Envelope follower to looper length
Stompswitch assigned to loop speed to shift up to double speed (octave up)

Second attempt at getting this right. I think this one is a more successful version of my previous glitch patch. Also have added a mix control to adjust the level of the samples.

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2 comments on “Looper: Glitch Groove (w/octave up)
  • Mitch on said:

    Very cool, the Audio balance is nice. You could lower the CPU use by just having one onset detector go to both record and restart but I had fun shifting the sensitivity of both onset detectors to spice up the glitches.
    Another thing to play with – Adding a CV delay to one of the onset detectors, check out how the delayed CV trigger changes it up!

  • mjamesmh on said:

    Thank you! Glad you dig it. Oooooo!!! I’m going to try that! That sounds awesome!

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