Glass v1.10

UPDATE 1.10: Added a Channel 10 Drum channel with Volume and Release Knobs.

UPDATE 1.5: Added in “Offset” Knob (18) that shifts note sequencing by 0-4 pulses.

UPDATE 1.4: Knob 10 selects Chord Type and Knob 22 has more scales.

Power Chords are Knob 10 = Power. Best used with Scale = 3 on Knob 22.

A harmonic sequencer that emulates the ostinatos and rhythmic style of Phillip Glass.

Touch the Shift Button and it will offer 2 octaves of input pads to insert a custom melody. Hit Shift again to return to the 22 Knob GUI interface.

Here’s a snapshot of the Mozaic GUI for “The Glass Factory”:

TOP ROW (left to right)
1. PPQN subdivisions
2. Transpose
3-6: 4 Note “Release” settings from 10 to 1000 mess
7-10: 4 Channel Volumes
11. Strumming setting 10-360 msecs

BOTTOM ROW (left to right)
1. Descend per Loop/Hold/Loop in Root key/Hold/Ascending per Loop
2. “Skip” value to insert a “rest” in the loop sequence
3-6: 4 “Modulates” that play notes on integer values of the PPQN pulses (polyrthyms can be configured easily like 8:2:4:5, 1:2:3:4, 5:7:1:5 across the 4 channels/voices)
7-10: 4 MIDI channel assignments 1-4 available per channel
11. Scale option (8 pre-defined scales)

Demo music file:

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