Glass v2.5

UPDATE: 2.5 bug fixes for tied/rest notes when transposing from root = 0.

UPDATE: 2.4 The 2nd UI screen reached by the SHIFT button plays the notes in realtime on the selected channel 2 instrument as you create new melodic patterns. The 3rd screen
of PADS plays the drums configure on channel 1 (notes 48-60. It’s best to create new drums and melodies with the DAW transport stopped but not required. The new settings take effect when DONE on PAD 16 is pressed.

v2.3 Added Melody and Drum Part Input Screens that use PADS for input. Enter any number of Notes and Start new Sequence with the DONE pad.

Access these screen using the SHIFT BUTTON. Also a 4th screen to allow reassigning MIDI channels.

UPDATE: 2.2 Lot’s of changes adding a drum channel = 0
along with MIDI = 1-5 for chord voices.

V2.2 Demo: 2 copies running… one at PPQN = 2 and the 2nd at PPQN = 3 to generate polyrhythms (like a dotted quarter-note delay).

UPDATE 1.10: Added a Channel 10 Drum channel with Volume and Release Knobs.

UPDATE 1.5: Added in “Offset” Knob (18) that shifts note sequencing by 0-4 pulses.

UPDATE 1.4: Knob 10 selects Chord Type and Knob 22 has more scales.

Power Chords are Knob 10 = Power. Best used with Scale = 3 on Knob 22.

A harmonic sequencer that emulates the ostinatos and rhythmic style of Phillip Glass.

Touch the Shift Button and it will offer 2 octaves of input pads to insert a custom melody. Hit Shift again to return to the 22 Knob GUI interface.

Here’s a snapshot of the Mozaic GUI for “The Glass Factory”:

TOP ROW (left to right)
1. PPQN subdivisions
2. Transpose
3-6: 4 Note “Release” settings from 10 to 1000 mess
7-10: 4 Channel Volumes
11. Strumming setting 10-360 msecs

BOTTOM ROW (left to right)
1. Descend per Loop/Hold/Loop in Root key/Hold/Ascending per Loop
2. “Skip” value to insert a “rest” in the loop sequence
3-6: 4 “Modulates” that play notes on integer values of the PPQN pulses (polyrthyms can be configured easily like 8:2:4:5, 1:2:3:4, 5:7:1:5 across the 4 channels/voices)
7-10: 4 MIDI channel assignments 1-4 available per channel
11. Scale option (8 pre-defined scales)

Demo music file:

2 comments on “Glass v2.5
  • crifytosp on said:

    hi, is the ‘pad’ page working in ver2.2?

  • McD on said:

    Not yet… I’m close to having a melody input page using PADS. Maybe another day or so to make it stabile.

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