Getting Randy

Does random sequence stuff. See image for instructions (also in patch folder).

There’s probably better way of laying out on screen (but I wanted the aux button and like to leave the encoder alone), and other things that can be added but uploading while I remember…

Intended for external device use. Internal simple noise helps testing / see how it works.

1816 PM
  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 0.2
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • Modified: 6 months ago
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One comments on “Getting Randy
  • donnerbono on said:

    Oh my, that had a few bugs.

    Fixed the ones I found and added an external sync mode as it worked for something I was doing tonight (where I also found it was bug ridden). Can also change midi channel now. If you connect to an external device on channel 1 you need to disable send external midi from the Organelle settings otherwise it will play notes as you enter priority.

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