Get Fraktalized (But it’s not what you are dreaming of)

This time I let myself go. I grab a fractal numerical sequence from (n° A025480), I let them convert into a MIDI sequence and then I imported in VCV and tried to render it less boring as possible. Trust me. Without quantization it is boooooooring!! :-D Fractal music is booooooring (unless we are taliking about the kind of music “a la Adam Neely” or some sort of fractal babble so dear to newagers and such but real fractal music is another cup of tea and way much much more boooooring! LOL!).
I am working on rendering numerical sequence into something more appealing to human ear but I fear it is a hard task. Someone got some suggestion here? ;-)

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  • SkwareUawe on said:

    The enclosed ZIP file is the MIDI rendition of the fractal numerical sequence you have to use in my patch! Download and enjoy! :-D


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