Generic Wavetable Synth

Reasonable and neat Generic wavetable synthesizer.
4 envelopes: ENV 1 for filter cutoff, ENV 2 for Pitch, ENV 3 and ENV 4 are special graphic ENVs consisting of an AD ENV module and two graphic ENV modules.
4 LFOs.

Oscillator Label
Contains two wavetable modules, a sampling module, a noise module and a SUB module. The signal from each oscillator can be routed to filter 1, filter 2 .

Filter Labels
Filter 1 is routed to the three resonator modules (modal resonator module, waveguide module, and formant filter) that can be turned off and then optionally routed to Filter 2 or AMP ENV.
Filter 2 is an analog filter.

FX Module
Peaking EQ > Channel EQ > Shaper > Chorus > Flanger > Phase > Delay > Reverb.
1.1 Update
Enhanced the ENV modulator.
Added a sample module and a noise module.
Redesigned the oscillator panel.
Changed the routing of oscillators, filters and FX.

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