Generative Burzum

This is a 2 osc generative patch in G Phrygian mode.

It is called Generative Burzum, because it reminds me (in a weird way) of synth albums of Burzum, believe it or not. May this be my strange homage to this musician*.

First page has controls that are named properly.

Only the yellow one can raise questions: “antiweirdness” is a time constant of the CV filter that smooths the random LFO changes of the low osc filter cutoff. The higher is this value the smoother is low osc filter cutoff sweeps.

Patch is MIDI clock or tap controlled. When MIDI clock exists, tap can’t be used.

Left stompswitch is tap.

Middle switches between 2 modes of this generative patch. One mode is bass + high notes, another mode is where 2 osc’s have the same pitch.

Right stompswitch fades the patch in and out.

Check out the demo below and my Instagram account where I play this patch through Red Panda Particle 2 and the Chase Bliss Mood pedal for #jamuary2020:

Please ask any questions or make requests about this patch under the post in IG or here.


* I am not a follower of Varg Vikernes’ ideas or doctrines, I only listened to his music in my teenage years %)

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