Generative ACID. Alter unconscious mental states. Cycle infinite roads of comprehension.

Enter a page and press AUX ***4*** times to activate chaos core and enter a new state of being.

Press AUX to reconfigure thought nodes.

Keys auto-latch to probability network melody generator.

MIDI clock sync available.

Improved MIDI clock sync
Auto encoder button menu switching
Improved timecode

Logarithmic filter envelope decay added

Completely new filter engine


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  • Platform:
  • Category: Effect Sequencer Synthesizer
  • Revision: v2
  • License: CC, BY, BSD-3
  • Views: 4,309
  • Modified: 5 years ago
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10 comments on “GEL-PRISM
  • dontbeseen on said:

    Hi, how do I “enter a page” ? I’m having trouble activating the patch on my Organelle…
    Thanks !

  • Kyle Werle on said:

    You have to press down on the encoder to select a page, then press AUX 4 times. I want to change the menu interface to not require encoder presses, but haven’t found a way yet. Hope you like it!

  • dontbeseen on said:

    sorry, i must be doing something wrong, thanks for your patience….so, I press down on the encoder knob ? The knob just to the right of the screen ? And then I do what ? Nothing I do seems to change anything while pressing down on the encoder knob. It all just looks the same no change, no sound…

  • Kyle Werle on said:

    After starting the patch by scrolling over it and selecting it with the encoder knob (to the right of the screen), you press the encoder once more. After you do that and you see the menu “tempo, osc, depths, heights,” you need to press the AUX button (the one underneath the LED) 4 times in a row. The sound should start just a second or two after you do that.

    The 4 button presses are required for the chaos engine. Hopefully I will be able to mod the menu system to be less of a hassle to use. It is close, but the constant encoder button presses are kind of annoying.

  • dontbeseen on said:

    yeah, sorry, I load the patch, press the encoder knob down, nothing happens…

  • dontbeseen on said:

    i did just install 2.1 this morning before trying it. I’m having no issues with Moth 7 V1 its freaking amazing ! Am I missing a library I wonder ? But I did do 2.1 and fluid synth this morning. I haven’t gone out of my way to find out about any new libraries I may need to add…Moth 7 is playing right now, so freaking awesome !

  • Kyle Werle on said:

    I’m glad you like my patch! :) You shouldn’t need any extra libraries. All my patches are 100% vanilla. Your problem seems very strange. Have you scrolled up and selected Info? It should say Version: 2.1. I have heard of some errors when updating to 2.1. Your problem seems like it is missing the encoder button and screen refresh stuff that is in OS v2.1.

    If nothing works and you are on v 2.1 I will try to help you out. Email me a video at werle.kyle@g m a i l . c o m

  • dontbeseen on said:

    YAY! got it! had to remove old mother.pd file from my patches folder, that fixed it !
    Amazing Patch !!

  • dontbeseen on said:

    Thanks ! Greatness Achieved ! It sounds awesome ! Great improvements to Acid ! I love this path a lot !

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