Geisterchor is a three note paraphonic synthesizer, built around a triad of Carrier and Modulator oscillators with independent envelopes per voice, into a single State Variable Filter. Both oscillators are mixed together at the filter, the Modulator being significantly quieter, but it’s the detuning and Frequency Modulation that makes it creep. It has 3 accompanying LFOs per voice, and 3 random LFOs (basically sample and holds) per voice. After the filter there’s a long Reverb Lite, I tried my best to get something with a time warping delay but the CPU cost was just too heavy on this one, with 6 oscillators all running with upsampling. I made this as maybe a pad layer companion to another synth patch of mine, Interlacer, utilizing some of the same ideas but ultimately simplifying it into this super eerie pad and bell synth.

The front control page has your frequency cutoff for the filter, a Freq Sway control to sweep it with LFO 1. You can set the individual LFO speeds, but the first three are set to the VCA level of the FM, the Randoms are tied to Slew Limiters to detune the Operator Frequency. At the bottom you have Attack and Decay, however the Decay is set up to affect both Decay and Release, there are full ADSR envelopes per voice. The Left Button allows the FM in, all by their own independent LFOs, and the Right Button will detune the Operators individually. Going from bell-like, lush sine waves, into a terrifying ghastly choir below the depths staring through shattered mirrors into your soul. It’s quite fun. The amount of detune can be set to taste from the multipliers on page 2, if you wanna get even weirder.

Again these are so much fun for me as the experiments they are and then as the wonderful tools they end up becoming, do with them as you will, I tried to stay tidy to make it easy enough to navigate. Thank you!

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