A setup that has two mozaic instances, each running a slightly different version of the same concept. Tapping a pad on either will send a pitch bend message to the objeq AU in the audio channel, effectively tuning it. In the top 16 pad version, the tuning goes upwards as you go right from the top left and then carries on on the row beneath. The range of that is set by the two knobs marked min and max… on the lower Mozaic, the pads are split into two row so that you can have a lower set of pitches on one and a higher on the other.

Neither of these are a perfect solution to the challenge initially posed in the AB forum, but they do something towards it…

A proper version might actually set the notes pad by pad, but that would need a more complex interface, and a slight improvement to the 16 pad version could be easy by biasing the way the pads are distributed between the end points of the ranges in more of a curve than perfectly evenly as the are now…

Just the script, paste into mozaic and point the pitch parameter of objeq at the pitchbend output of mozaic, play notes on the pads…

ShowLayout 2
min = 0
max = 16383
bias = 1.0
LabelKnob 0, {min}
LabelKnob 1, {max}
LabelKnob 2, {bias}

SetKnobValue 0, min/128
SetKnobValue 1, max/128
SetKnobValue 2, bias



value = LastPad
value = TranslateScale value, 0, 15, min, max
value = TranslateCurve value, bias, min, max

SendMIDIPitchBend 0, value
Log value



knob = LastKnob
rangeVal = GetKnobValue knob
rangeVal = rangeVal * 128

if LastKnob = 0
min = rangeVal
Log rangeVal

if LastKnob = 1
max = rangeVal
Log rangeVal

if LastKnob = 2
bias = GetKnobValue knob
bias = TranslateScale bias, 0, 127, 0, 2.0


2 comments on “GavsPitchWonder
  • mcdtracy on said:

    This project seems to need an audio file that’s not there. I don’t see a MIDI connection from Mozaic to Objeq. Can you repair the project and upload an instance I cam play with please?

  • krupa on said:

    Oh sorry McD, I never noticed your comment until now, I’ll check if I can even recall what file it is and try to upload a new one!

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