Gauss 8 Track

I wanted to create a multi-track tape-style looping patch in AUM so that I could do some cool tape-like stuff without having actual tape at my disposal. I created a bunch of Mozaic scripts to allow for total control over all 8 instances of Gauss from only a few different panels, making it easier to play the recorded loops like an instrument. Included in this ZIP are an AUM session with everything mapped to the appropriate channels and CCs, plus the following Mozaic presets:

Gauss 8 AUM Mixer: Control over the volume and pan for 8 Gauss tracks, the dry signal, and the FX send. The PAN is done using the XY pad, which is split into 8 sections on the Y axis with LR balance using the X axis.

Gauss 8 Control All: Macro controls for all mapped parameters.

Gauss 8 Length/Decay: Individual and total control over the loop length and decay of each track.

Gauss 8 Pause/Rewind: Individual control over pause and rewind of each track.

Gauss 8 Record/Overdub: Individual control over each tracks record and overdub, along with all control over length/decay, erase all, and input gain for all.

Gauss 8 Monitor/Erase: Individual control over each tracks monitor and erase, along with all control over monitor and erase.

Gauss 8 Speed: Individual control over each tracks loose and snap speeds, along with all control over all at once for both.

Gauss 8 Warble/Inertia: Individual control over each tracks warble and inertia, along with all control over all at once for both.

To install this, open the project in AUM and it should load everything. I removed my compressors and FX as you may not have the same AU that I do. The FX channel should have a fully set AU in it. The input channel sends to the DRY and TAPE tracks, so you can enable/disable those sends as you see fit.

Things I’d like to try and do:

1. I’d like to have each patch load up with default values for each knob. As it is, they all still load to the center position no matter what I set for the default code.

2. Color on/off for pads so you know what’s been pressed.

3. A way to interlink the same controls that are on a few of the modules so they sync up.

4. I’d like to be able to integrate them all into one module, but I don’t think that is doable.

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