Asynchronous granular Synthesis. This patch is for people whil have experience with granular synthesis and don;t mind exploring the edge of what the Organelle can handle

Last playing key Starts a new Sample
First Playing Key Starts/Stops sample granulation
It is possible to stop sample and be granulating the buffer still
Other Keys Blow stuff up

I may have to reduce maximum grains and sample length and clean up the patch but after the weekend i have had this works and i am grateful

4638 PM
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3 comments on “Gabor48
  1. jooga1972 on said:

    Wow, another amazing patch! It indeed is CPU-heavy and can freeze the Organelle; at some points I could push the CPU well over 80 %, the screen froze, was unable to navigate the menu, etc. but only temporarily. After some time things fell back into place, didn’t have to reboot the Organelle, though once I had to reload the patches to bring the device back to normal operation.
    Btw, my first name is Gabor, though I’m only 44. :)

  2. jooga1972 on said:

    Oh, so this patch is related to Nobel-prize winner Dennis Gabor (known to us as Dénes Gábor, born in my hometown, Budapest).

  3. shreeswifty on said:

    Very cool, so this is the patch for you then! :-)
    I included a PDF of his research, “theory of communication” in the patch folder

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