Fugue Machine

A Fugue Machine creates complex musical patterns by manipulating multiple synchronized playback streams. It’s great for generating polyphonic sequences and experimenting with harmonies and melodies.

“Fugue” typically refers to a musical composition technique where a theme is introduced and then imitated by other voices or instruments. It’s a complex and structured form of composition often associated with classical music, particularly composers like Bach.

Here you’ve a complete Drambo project file ready to play. Four lanes (like the original app) on one screen, well with a little scroll. You can record into the sequencer, do step input or draw in the notes. You can have any number of bars in the sequencers (2 bars in the demo project) and with ‘MIDI in’ set to ‘Transpose’ you can transpose the notes played by simply pressing a key on the keyboard.

You can set different playback speeds, loop forwards or backwards (using Rate) and pitch in octaves, semi tones or fine for each lane and you can also offset the start of each sequence.

You can easily swap out the FM Operators (chosen for the demo project as everyone has them) for any AUv3, expose any AUv3 parameters via midi mapping and can also do automation.

I added an LFO to adjust the different Analogue Filter’s cutoff at the end of each lane, to give some extra space and movement in the sequences. Of course you could add anything you want to the effect chains, delay, eq, reverb etc.

You do need to copy the same sequence into each sequencer – not ideal but very easy to do. Would be great to just have one sequence instance driving everything (like the original app) but that doesn’t seem possible.

For the next version I hope to be able to add Ping-Pong mode to each sequencer and adjust the timing of what’s played in reverse – unless Giku beats me to it. As pointed out by @rs2000 ‘There is one thing that Drambo’s sequencer module does differently, compared to Fugue Machine:
When running backwards, it will look at Note-On messages instead of Note-Off messages like Fugue Machine, resulting in a different timing.’

Please download and leave a ♥️ if you like it, and let me know what you think when you’ve tried it. Even better, if you do like it, buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/jokulgil or tap the ‘Donate’ button above 😊☕️

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