Frozen Thursday

7 Days of patches including seriously slow LFO by Frozen Wasteland. Dual Delay (4ms clone) is a nice technique to add some Rythm.

Utilities (Kinks Clone) modulates in addition.

What you could also do:
Instead of using impromptu Clckd Module why not use Strums QuadLFO – you would get an amazing amount of modulation reccource and could leave out some of the seriously slow LFOs.

If set on a long span, modulation with Seriously slow LFO slowly modulates dual delay – setting it on hours or days would leave the modulation rather constant if you play for an hour.

225 PM
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  • Category: Effect Sound Video
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • Modified: 6 months ago
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