Frozen Sunday – Virus

7 days of Frozen Wasteland Seriously slow LFO.

This patch grew a little bigger. Touring machine is giving the core sequence, Querty input throws out some additional tunes now and then – hook a midicontroller and there might be more exciting results.

“Drums” are self arranged.

Quantization is done by Amalgated Haromnics’ Scale Quantiser.

Submarine P0-204 is the VCO voice, providing you with four VCO’s if you CPU can handle it – use them.

Hetrick Shaper shapes the output from Simpliciter. I did not provide you with the original voice file. You can record your own by using VLC – yes it throws out .wav files – there are plenty of other ways around thouhg.

Be not afraid of Simpliciter crashing. After you’ve suffered the first crash (if you even do) it runs pretty stable. Record a .wav file and have lots of fun.

This is not a very eastery patch.

The Seriously slow LFO adjusts the speed of Simpliciter – what else does it do? This time nothing.

Frozen Wasteland offers a range of interesting LFO’s:
* Seriously Slow isn’t slow enough? – Check out the CDC version – I’m still working on a bonus patch but that might take some time.

* Want some funky visuals? Check out Roulette LFO or Lissajous LFO

* It shall be BPM-fed – 2 BPM LFO’s are provided.

Enjoy patching!

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