Frazer is a Mozaic application. The simple description is that Frazer records series of notes and assigns each to a trigger. When the trigger is then received on MIDI in, the phrase is sent on MIDI out. It was developed using AUM as the host, and Xequence2 to record and playback MIDI received and sent by Frazer. The suite of MIDI tools by Victor Porof has one app, MIDI Route that is nearly indispensable to the Frazer app as well.

There are two scripts in the app. Frazer_phrase is the functional module. All processing is done in Frazer_phrase. Frazer_player is used exclusively for scheduling phrase output to A MIDI destination. Multiple iterations of Frazer_player are needed because one phrase can still be playing when another is triggered. The player uses @OnTimer to schedule MIDI notes, so there is one copy of Frazer_player for each timer needed, up to 16.

The phrases recorded and used by Frazer_phrase are not polyphonic. A single phrase cannot play multiple notes at once. But since many (up to 16) phrases can be playing at once, the output of the total app is polyphonic.

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  • Motmeister on said:

    These are DropBox links to everything needed for the Frazer application.

    The Frazer_phrases Mozaic File:

    The Frazer_player Mozaic File:

    The Frazer AUM project template:

    The Frazer_Documentation pdf:

  • Espiegel123 on said:

    Should I be downloading from this page or via the Dropbox links?

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