FR Matrix Synthesizer 312S

Synthesizer Template –

Versatile Monophonic Synthesizer featuring 3 Bogaudio VCOs, Stairway Multi Filter and lots of modulation capabilities with a flexible 8×8 Modulation Matrix, ready to be tweaked.
With this template you can program a vast array of synth sounds with ease.

3 VCOs with 4 selectable Waveforms, Oscillator Sync, Noise Generator/Ring Modulator, 4Ch Stereo Mixer, Stereo Multi-Filter, Stereo Amplifier

Pitch LFO/Noise with 5 selectable Waveforms + Noise Source, Pitch Sample & Hold with Lag, Pitch Envelope Generator, dedicated Sync Envelope Generator (VCO 2), PWM LFO, Filter LFO/Noise with 5 selectable Waveforms + Noise Source, Filter Sample & Hold with Lag, Filter S/H Gate Switch (LFO/Keyboard), Filter Keyboard Tracking, Filter Envelope Generator, Amplifier LFO with 5 selectable Waveforms, Amplifier Envelope Generator

Transpose, Portamento, Pitch Bend, Modulation Control, Modulation Matrix with 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs, Stereo Delay, Stereo Plate Reverb, VU Meter, Stereo Output

Created by Fabio Ribeiro – Keyboardist with the bands REMOVE SILENCE and Shaman. Music Producer, Synthesist, Tech Consultor.

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  • Category: Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Custom License
    Free for all miRack users. :)
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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