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This is a valiant attempt at emulating the ieaskul F Mobenthey “fourses” module sound by Peter B of Ciat-Lonbarde. It uses four chaotic horse oscillators [chaotic triangles] The footswitch re-stabilizes and i added reverb and delay to get more than just skronky chaos. When they all sync i get everything from deep garage drones and thud to merzbow noise.

Revision: 1.0
License: GNU
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One comments on “Fourganelle
  1. shreeswifty on said:

    82/83 will also reset oscillators if they stop playing.
    Basically tweak and mash on the footswitch or last playing keys [82/83]
    the footswitch will restart the chaotic equations
    some secret keys 60-64 i think have random drunk walks for some of the bounds~ I’ll add more soon

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