Force Monophonic v1.6

Forces monophonic midi note output for polyphonic or MPE midi input while keeping the other midi events like CCs, PitchBends and AfterTouch intakt.

– The ∆t knob sets the minimal time between note-ons
– The OutCH knob sets the midi output channel. Turned to the
….. full right the input channel of each note is used.
– The Legato knob toggles the output order when notes overlapp.
….. There are two legato modes. The mode ✔️ allows to play slides and the mode 🎶
….. enables re-triggering of the previous note (if it’s still sustained) to allow for trillers
– The damp knob display only in legato mode 🎶 controls the velocity damping of the triller’s base note

* New notes-ons release a previouly active note
* New notes-ons are ignored for ∆t msec, for chord input only the very first note will go through
* Note-offs for in-active notes are blocked
* In legato ✔️ mode a note takeover first plays the new note-on, then the old note-off.
….. This allows to play slides with TroubleMaker.
* The legato 🎶 mode will additonally retrigger the previous note on release of the current note, if the previous is still sustained.
….. This allows to play trillers in addition to slides.

4 comments on “Force Monophonic v1.6
  • -ki on said:

    Update v1.5
    – Added a second advanced legato mode that re-triggering a still sustained previous note when the note-off of the current note is received. The velocity of the re-triggered note is modified by customizable velocity damping. This second legato modes emulates the behavior of old monophonic keyboards.

  • p-osborn123yahoo-com on said:

    Hi Ki, is it possible to add “All Channels” to the Out Channel selector?
    Cheers, Paul Osborn

  • ki on said:

    Update v1.6
    – Fixed double-note-off sending in ‚Legato ✖️‘ (off) mode
    – Added ‚output on the same channel as the input note‘ mode

    The new output channel mode allows for slides on MPE midi control surfaces (Geoshread, iFretlessBass) beeing send to the correct active note of the monophonic output while ignoring slides of other notes still beeing sustained.

  • p-osborn123yahoo-com on said:

    Hi Ki, your update v1.6 which includes the setting OutCH INP has helped me out immensely with my Loopy Pro Projects, they are now working exactly as I intended with the help of ForceMonophonic, thanks so much for creating this script! Cheers, Paul.

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