First patch so go easy!
EDIT: I’ve changed this to ready to go – although I would still like to develop the ‘sample reduction/generation further, I’m quite happy with the sounds I’m getting from this.

Inspired by the Generation Loss/lo-fi style effects. My beebo is routed slightly weirdly (Channel 1 is before drives and not used in this patch, my main modulation comes from in 3 going out to 3/4 for stereo). This patch would not require stereo so you could just reroute this to in/out 1.
The first Vibrato emulates the lower frequency subtle warbling, akin to the ‘wow’ control. 2nd vibrato emulates a higher frequency random tape skipping and tracking loss.
Noise and aging (HPF) is controlled via the Vinyl module with a LPF after to further shape.

Switch A is Turntable Stop, Switch B toggles the Flutter on/off, and Switch C is the Wet/Dry toggle (essentially a bypass switch).

Spotlight has aging, LFO Tempo (for the flutter; higher creates more skipping), LFO Tempo ratio (for Wow, higher creates more warble), Notch Width (again for wow; lower value is more vibrato. Combine with Tempo Ratio for crazy warbles) and LPF Cutoff.

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  • Tom Robin on said:

    I’m Tom, from France.
    First, thanks for that pattern.
    I star with beebo. What about the download ” fluttervinyl.instr ” i’ve taken ? Is it a pattern fomat ready to download in the Beebo ? If yes, what is the process to do ?

    Thx !

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