Fluss wiz 0.5

Transform Fluss into a 3 polyphonic instrument
Note range C2-B4

The most interesting part is that when the balls are in motion, the keyboard does not interrupt the movement of the balls, the balls will jump to the corresponding pitch and then continue to move.

0.2 Fixed a bug that the octave sometimes does not change
0.3 Fixed the default valve of global tune.
0.4 Fixed the bug of not always jumping to the right pitch when the balls are in motion.
0.5 Added some additional modulation: Pan LFO, Fader LFO, and option to control only the fader or only the pitch with the keyboard.

1. Because the Fluss Recorder AU is used, this is a processor rack.
2. To use this rack, you need to have Fluss first.

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